Many years ago, Julian’s mother had a brain tumor. There were days when she experienced a lot of pain, and the doctor recommended giving her a painkiller or anti-inflammatory to ease her discomfort. Whenever they tried to give her a pill, she couldn’t swallow it, and the syrup made her feel nauseous, so she would end up vomiting it shortly after taking it. This is where the seed of the idea for Atomic Pharmaceutics’ technology was planted – there had to be a simpler and more pleasant way to deliver medications orally.

Years later, in late 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ignacio mentioned to Julian that he often used anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to address his ailments and that he would love to be able to consume a beverage that delivered these medications in an easy and straightforward manner. Together, they combined this idea with the previous challenges Julian had faced with his mother and set out to create the world’s first beverage with anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. They began by experimenting with paracetamol, aspirin, and ibuprofen in water, but they realized there were significant solubility, stability, and taste issues. After many trial and error attempts, they arrived at a solution that allowed them to deliver these medications in a beverage that was easy and pleasant to consume, while also meeting the safety and bioavailability standards that all medications require.

With a functional prototype in hand, they assembled a team of talented individuals and professionals to help them develop the technology and patent strategy that allowed them to be in the pending patent stage in the United States.


Julian Seco

Co-Inventor & Co-founder

Julián is a Commercial Engineer and has worked in creative industries for almost 20 years. He is passionate about science, reading, and is dedicated to creating more user-friendly pain relief solutions for people.

Ignacio Murua

Co-Inventor & Co-founder

Ignacio has pursued a diverse career path, having studied engineering, music, and art. He holds a profound interest in Greco-Roman literature, plays the piano in a music band, and has achieved success in the culinary industry, establishing notable restaurants in Chile such as Mestizo and the Vendetta chain. Additionally, he is the creative mind behind the women’s clothing brand Kokoro (@welovekokoro) and the contemporary art gallery Local (@localartecontemporaneo).

Francisca Cibié


Francisca is a commercial engineer passionate about technology and innovation, she has worked in superior education for more than 15 years, doing marketing and entrepreneurship classes at Los Andes University and at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and incorporating educational technologies and academic innovation in the same universities and recently in DuocUC as director of experience and digital learning.